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Brand new edition to Barrydale… Papa Joe’s Collectibles!

Featuring on the R62 – a shop not to be missed, but with so much to look at, you need time!

Mechanical Engineer & Corporate IT & Telecoms manager come together to bring you a Barrydale shopping experience you won’t forget!

Papa Joe’s Collectibles is the umbrella name over three distinct businesses.
* MoJo’s (because they are your MOJO) Thrift Store
* Papa Joe’s Mechanical Antiques & Collectibles
* Papa Joe’s Steampunk

Supporting family and friends

At Papa Joe’s they also support friends and family with their products in their shop: Toni’s handmade cushions from shopping bags. Julie’s upcycled denim hand bags. Jenny’s handmade yoga pants. Jorrie’s famous Peppadew & Jalapeno sauce. Rubèes Raw Honey. Bliksem Leer produkte. LP Clocks. Light-Inn lights.

MoJo’s Thrift Store supports a Cape Town charity, all products in the shop are bought through the charity, giving back to the community this way. From guitars, paintings, glassware, sport helmets, tools, toys, memorabilia and so much more!

Papa Joe’s Steampunk: Papa Joe uses industrial pipes to create different kinds of decor, shelves etc. He also loves to incorporate antiques in his lamps without damaging the antique.

Papa Joe’s Mechanical Antiques & Collectibles, the name says it all.  From vintage farming equipment to tills & phones. They even have the Veedee massager (best to google this yourself!)…

Papa Joe’s Collectibles is on Route 62 (13 Tennant Street). Their shop is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. A basic rule of thumb for other days – if the doors are open they are open. For more info phone Papa Joe on 082 926 1329 or Moni on 074 453 1283.

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