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Karoo Saloon: South Africa’s Festival Destination

Karoo Saloon

By Charl Barry

Ever heard of the Karoo Saloon, it’s about 20 kilos from Barrydale on the way to Montagu, so please let me paint you a picture from my mind of this amazing place right here in Route62 which has the charm and style of a roadhouse in the Nevada desert.

First you see this building and your senses tell you that you got to go in and see this. When you walk in you smell the beer and hear the music, if you love music the way I do, you know you arrived at Rock ‘n Roll heaven.

*Enjoy responsibly, not for sale to persons under-18

The Karoo Saloon is the new music festival capital of the Karoo, if not the country

When I first moved to Barrydale I wondered where I was going to listen to live music – this has been a passion of mine for years.

I’ve traveled the world to see live music so you can just imagine the look on my face when I walked into the Saloon for the first time and Piet Botha and the Lyzyrd Kyngs, my two favourite bands in SA rolled into one, were jamming.

Piet Botha from Jack Hammer and the AKKEDIS trio… Needless to say, I hitchhiked to the Saloon and a new world opened.

In the last 4 years I saw magic stuff happen here, stunning music and weekend festivals,the usual Woodstock our Karoostock Fest, Heavy Metal weekends, Reggae weekend and the oh so pretty under Karoovian skies festival.

Under these skies I’ve seen many stars like Doc Maclean, Albert Frost, The Black Cat Bones,the High End Blues Band, Willem Welsyn and a whole lot of other artists.

My reason for penning these thoughts is that the AKKEDIS are our local heroes. Yes they are not local but the locals see them as heroes and not for only one day.

AKKEDIS are legends, they are the real thing,pure road rock, that stuff you want your ears to open to last thing at night and first thing in the morning.

The band was formed long ago probably at school and so the twins Arthur and Rudi Dennis (lead guitar and drums) turned 50 the other day.

They have been at it for around 35 years and with AJ on bass…. let’s just say there is no way to describe these guys. They rock, restore guitars and surfboards and also fix up VW classics.

To understand AKKEDIS you’ve got to see AKKEDIS. And at the Saloon they are something else.

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