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Sisterhood to be celebrated at Art Hotel

The Art of Sisterhood
Written by Mickey Mentz

A retreat that weaves yoga, meditation, sound therapy, a heart opening cacao ceremony, art, nature, sisterhood and relaxation into a nourishing flow

From June 17 to 19 three exceptionally gifted women will facilitate what many consider a long overdue weekend where reflection and rejuvenation will take precedence over the completion of everyday responsibilities.

Terry de Vries
Elizabeth and Terry at a recent motivational talk with Barrydale Netball Club

This once-in-a-lifetime experience will take place at the Karoo Art Hotel under the guidance of Elizabeth Beer, Susan Rossetto and Terry de Vries.

In staying with the hotel’s quest to celebrate all the various arts that bring joy to our lives, this soulful retreat was dubbed The Art of Sisterhood.


Re-Art, Re-charge, Re-imagine

The weekend was designed by Elizabeth Beer who, aside from being a yoga teacher, just so happens to be a very gifted events organiser.

“We are so excited to host a group of women in Barrydale, in the Klein Karoo where you can connect, share, experience and go within to find that peace of mind, that calmness that we so craved during these last few years,” said Elizabeth.

“Apart from the various activities we have planned, the Karoo Art Hotel will provide amazing wholesome food and the perfect setting where like-minded women can get together as a community and share, dance and celebrate the art of sisterhood.”

Knowing that no woman stands alone, her good friend Susan Rossetto, who specialises in using sound and sacred mantra to promote healing, will play a key role as the various facets of sisterhood are explored.

Another amazing sister who has a wealth of experience in healing spiritual wounds and creating calm where there used to be a storm is Terry de Vries. She will join Elizabeth and Susan at what is likely to be remembered as one of the most special weekends of the year.

Terry de Vries

Terry uses labyrinths as a spiritual tool to facilitate deep emotional healing and her labyrinth in Barrydale is considered by many to be a very sacred place.

For bookings and more information, CLICK HERE or phone Elizabeth on 076 513 3050.

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