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Simply irresistible, Oldfield just loves Barrydale

Wendy Oldfield
Written by Mickey Mentz

“Music is a great blessing. It has the power to elevate and liberate us. It sets people free to dream. It can unite us to sing with one voice” – Nelson Mandela

Singer songwriter Wendy Oldfield simply can’t get enough of Barrydale and has now made our town one of her regular stops when travelling between Cape Town and De Rust.

Last week she was spotted at The Country Pumpkin where she had previously performed and she also used her time well, liking up with local musician Reuben Hart for a quick collaboration of sorts.

Karoo Saloon

Truth be told, Oldfield actually took a wrong turn and ended up on the dirt road between Heidelberg and Barrydale and then, in a very sad turn of events, she discovered that the neck of her guitar had snapped at a Women’s Day celebration in Cape Town.

She phoned the News62 team to find out whether there was someone in town who could possibly repair her guitar.

Naturally Hart’s name was mentioned as he custom built the very same axe he performs with at the Karoo Daisy.

“This town is amazing and I’m just so excited to hear that the Karoo Art Hotel will be opening its doors again,”Oldfield said.

News62 can confirm that sale of the Karoo Art Hotel is still pending, but chances are that it will be fully operational again by 2022.

Hart, unfortunately, had to break Oldfield’s heart as he was not able to fix her guitar – stating that it is a very delicate repair that would require a lot of time.

“That’s okay, I love stopping over in Barrydale. There is something special about this place and its people and Mickey, you guys treat guests and musicians like royalty,” Oldfield said.

She said that another performance on Route62 is on the cards and that the exact details would be revealed soon.

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