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Covid conscious lodging at Inkaroo Cottage – its the calm thing to do

Written by Mickey Mentz

Whether it is a much-needed escape from the stresses of modern city life or simply a stopover, the “Covid consciousness” of your over night destination should be the last of your concerns.

And while it has become the norm for all establishments to adhere to strict health and safety regulations, there are instances where your host will go the extra mile to… well… avoid you.

Therefore, eliminating awkward elbow-handshakes and innocent sneezes that could result in a heart-attack can these days mean the difference between a good or bad experience for the traveler.

A peaceful getaway in the Klein Karoo awaits

It is also true that maintaining a safe social distance is far easier to achieve in the Klein Karoo, but then there are some hosts who have proven to be better at being aloof than the rest.

Barrydale guests learn how less is more

Danny Brownlow used to enjoy a good yarn with his guests who would inevitably cherish their stay at his Inkaroo Cottage, but these days he keeps his distance.

There is no more harping-on about the beautiful place he has called home for the past 30 years.

He stopped doing this for obvious reasons and as they say, times have changed and Danny is hardly a geezer (bloke) who is known for lagging behind.

Nope, not this guy. Not the adventurous expat who once (several times) hiked the Tradouw Pass barefoot. Even before he had fiber installed (all his guests can surf the web at lightning speeds thanks to Werner at Whispernet) the retired builder had always stayed abreast of global developments.

He has also witnessed many fascinating changes in and around beautiful Barrydale so this last variation on the way things have to be done, does not phase him as much.

He just loves watching people smile when they depart.

“It is sad that I cannot physically show my cottage to visitors anymore, but I guess the less we rub shoulders these days, the better,” Danny said.

“Some of my guests end up staying for several days without ever knowing that I exist. When they leave we take special care to ensure that all the sanitation is done well in advance of the next guest’s arrival.”

So it is then great news that, despite the extra effort that is now required in preparation of your stay, Danny had decided not to increase his rates as he feels that more people should have access to an affordable luxury stay.

“I’ve been fortunate as most of my guests over the years have been local (South African) and that I get many repeat customers,” an unperturbed Danny said from his classic Karoo stoep.

It only takes a few minutes after you have entered his Inkaroo Cottage to understand why Danny has so many repeat customers.

The builder himself laid out the interior and the décor is surprisingly artistic – without being over the top.

To summarise, in 2021 Barrydale’s Inkaroo Cottage will offer the same value at the same rate, despite the added effort that they put in to assure that you do not have to be in contact with any other humans during your stay.

To book your next relaxing stay phone Danny on 076 614 4318.

*This advertorial was paid for in full by the owner of Inkaroo Cottage. For information on how you can book an advertorial, email sales@news62.co.za

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