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Full Steam Ahead For Barrydale Entrance Beautification

Barrydale Entrance
Written by Mickey Mentz

Residents join forces with officials to find solution

In a time when municipal budgets are stretched and priorities tend to be with the delivery of basic services, it often rests on the shoulders of residents themselves to address aspects like the beautification of the town entrance.

“We do have the support of the municipality, but we need to also do what we can to make a difference,” former Barrydale Tourism officer Helena Joubert highlighted.

Barrydale Hand Weavers

Joubert, like most residents, understands that the upgrading of Barrydale’s entrance will ultimately be of great advantage to the community at large and for this reason Rita Theron, Reuben Hart, Hannette Cooke, Ruth Goodman, Annelie van Zyl and Sue Melvill agreed to help where they can.

And sure, many have tried in the past and there were many promises made (and broken) by municipal officials and villagers alike, yet with this latest attempt the hope is that everyone involved would have learned from the past mistakes.

“We do not want to elect a committee or create a monument, we just want visitors to ensure that the first impression visitors get when they arrive here is a good one.”

Roll-out plan to commence shortly

Joubert said that plans to treat wood of the existing structure is already being rolled out and that each of the parties who have agreed to be active participants in this initiative know what their roles are.

“We are grateful that Mr Keith Stuurman of Swellendam Municipality is willing to assist, and we will simply have to check and ensure that the work gets done.”

The first noticeable changes to the entrance were recently completed when the old thatch roof was removed. The next step is to have holes dug for the new plants that are due to be planted in July.

Residents who would like more information about this initiative (or get actively involved) can phone Helena Joubert on 082 579 1246 or Reuben Hart on 072 235 8036.

Barrydale Agrimark

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