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Buying in Barrydale makes Municipal Sense

Ruth Goodman
Written by Mickey Mentz

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Whenever city slickers drive through small towns like Barrydale they often ask who is in charge of the municipality and what the service delivery issues are.

In Barrydale the Democratic Alliance has done exceptional work in recent years in both addressing the housing backlog in Smitsville as well as trying their best to ensure that our roads are resurfaced and our basic services are delivered.

Sure, there is always room for improvement, but there have been great advances in this town as opposed to other parts of the country where the opposite can be said.

Why settle for anything less than the best?

Consider the following facts when purchasing a property in Barrydale which falls under Swellendam Municipality

In 2015 Swellendam Municipality won the Provincial and National Govan Mbeki Housing Award for the Best Upgrade of Informal Settlement Programme in South Africa!

In 2016 SM was rated as South Africa’s Number 1 Municipality by ‘Good Governance Africa’ and the SAIRR.

In four years the municipality has rolled out the biggest expenditure on infrastructure in the history of Swellendam.

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