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Buying or selling your home? Ensure that all approved plans are in place

Ruth62 Barrydale
Written by Mickey Mentz

A Ruth62 Property Platform Initiative

Ensuring that the right documentation is at hand can save you days, if not weeks of concern and for this reason Ruth Goodman of the Dormehl Property Group recommends that sellers get a copy of the approved house plans of a property and compare it to the actual build, before they put the property on the market.

Only once everything is in order the seller can apply for their Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act (SPLUMA) certificate in advance as this process can hold up the transfer process.

“We often find that new structures, like garages and lapas are erected without plans and once a house needs to be sold this delays the process,” says Ruth.

The SPLUMA Act is a national regulation gazetted in October 2015 that affects those applying for land developments or new sectional title schemes.

Local authorities may implement their own SPLUMA by laws, however, the National Deeds office now requires a SPLUMA Certificate from the local authority before property registrations of this kind can go ahead.

“In the Swellendam Municipal area this application process is done online through architects and draftsmen and only once copies of the approved plans are received and everything that is stipulated on the plans are confirmed, we can proceed with the sale.”

If the plans are not in place, a new submission needs to be made and it needs to be documented.

“Anybody wishing to do any renovations whether it be as simple as extending a stoep or putting a swimming pool in, they must follow the correct procedures.”
“It is an easy process and by following the right steps, you will end up saving your self time and money later on.””

For more information phone Ruth Goodman on 074 142 2861.

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