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18 Years later and Lotz murderers still roam free

Inge Lotz

Today (March 16) marks 18 years since the mystery 2005 killing of Inge Lotz in Stellenbosch. The case remains unsolved.

Author Alan D Elsdon is the sole person still actively seeking justice for Inge. Her once best friends and even most family members, have given up asking questions or demanding “Truth for Inge”.

The former detective has spent 10 years investigating the 2005 “Knysna Murders” and slaying of Inge Lotz.

Elsdon tells of fierce resistance he has endured over this period in his dealings with senior members of the SA Police Services (SAPS) and National Prosecuting Authority (NPA).

Instead of his efforts to solve the cases being valued, his work has been despised.

The obvious malicious prosecution and bungled trial of Fred van der Vyver in 2007, left the SA Police and NPA exposed and embarrassed.

The three ‘watertight’ pillars upon which the state’s case rested, turned out to be (1) Lies, (2) Perjury and (3) Defeating the Ends of Justice. To hide their shame, the NPA closed the unsolved murder – ruling out any chance of Inge ever receiving the justice she deserves. This decision was something almost unheard of until 2007.

Elsdon firm in his views

Elsdon is firm in explaining his views as to why the authorities refuse to take any action. He claims to have proof that from the onset, senior members of the SAPS and NPA were involved in a massive cover-up to prevent the truth from surfacing.

During a 2015 visit to advocate ‘Billy’ Downer in his NPA office, the senior prosecutor blatantly stated words to the effect; “It will take an earthquake in Cape Town before we, the NPA, re-open the Inge Lotz case”.

In 2018 Elsdon published a book “Broken & Betrayed” and provided his shocking findings to NPA head Adv. Rodney De Kock who instructed the SAPS Hawks in Cape Town to look into the ne evidence and new suspects.

According to the former policeman, he discovered irrefutable evidence to show at least five persons partook in Inge’s carefully-planned murder to bury the sins and disgrace of some closest to her.

Still no arrests

Despite more evidence having recently surfaced, four years later (2023), not one of the five murder suspects have been approached by the Hawks. Last year, Elsdon initiated steps towards resolving the case by laying criminal charges against five police officers involved in the 2005-2007 ‘Lotz investigation’.

He claims that at the time and during Fred van der Vyver’s trial, the officers committed blatant and overwhelming perjury. Three weeks ago, he laid further charges of “Attempt to Defeat the Ends of Justice”, against two key role players in the Lotz case.

One is a retired SA Police Director and the other a well-known senior Advocate and NPA public prosecutor in Cape Town. Elsdon is convinced that successful prosecutions in these criminal cases, will pave the way to solving the murder.

The author expressed his dismay in the NPA having no problem bringing criminal charges against former President, Jacob Zuma.

Yet, in an unsolved murder of this significance, the NPA take no positive action, nor are any charges investigated against the SAPS or their own (NPA) members, for alleged grave criminal misconduct.

For almost two decades, the murderers have enjoyed unyielding protection while their victim, Inge Lotz, is denied justice.

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