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It makes sense to use a home loan originator when buying your new property


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Even though it has been the most stressful year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, bond originators are reporting that despite the economic downturn the property market has been doing very well indeed.

This record low interest rate has been one of the main reasons this is happening and according to local property specialist Ruth Goodman of the Dormehl Property Group, it is advisable for Barrydale buyers to arrive in town knowing exactly for how much they can buy.

Ruth advises her clients to make use of Ooblink and Evo who she has been doing business with for more than a decade.

“We at Oobalink and Evo have seen that the property market has been doing very well indeed.  During the second quarter of 2021 we successfully obtained home loan finance for 82% of applicants compared to the single bank approval rate of only 63% according to Mark Coetzee Head of acquisitions at Evo Ooba,” Connie Korsten of Ooblink and Evo noted

She noted that there was a 48% growth in application volumes year on year and that an increase in 90%  registration volumes was recorded year on year.

A recent survey with buyers who had taken a home loan through an originator yeilded the following results:

  • Communication – Applicants were kept in the loop via whatsapp or email even if there wasn’t anything to tell. This made the buyers feel connected and in control.
  • Hand Holding – Bond originators explain every single step of the journey in detail so that the client knows exactly what is expected. They explain about insurance and hidden costs upfront so that the client can be prepared.
  • Authentic – They speak a language the client understands and use words and phrases that make sense to the client as they don’t know the industry jargon or the text book talk. 
  • Honesty – Being honest with the client whether the news is good news or bad is vital as clients need 100% honesty and transparency when making a huge life decision.
  • Information – Give as much information to help the client make the right decisions . Give the information in straightforward forward language quick and easy to read.

For more information on home loan originators or for the best property advice in the region phone Ruth on 074 142 2861.

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